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Where can I find registered members?
You can find the list of registered members under your profile dropdown menu by clicking on AlumniHub.

How do I publish a blog?
You will need to be a member to post a blog. Become a member and use your dashboard to post a blog.

How can I register to the BA Academy Alumni Newsletter?
You can scroll all the way down on the landing page, input your email address and click on subscribe.

What is the procedure in reporting a technical issue?
All technical issues can be forwarded to

What is AlumniHub?
AlumniHub is a collaboration platform for BA Alumni Association members. AlumniHub provides the following functionalities: a chat window, video chat, voice chat and document exchange options.

How can I edit my profile picture?
From the drop down menu of your login page, select Account Settings and select the first option "SET PROFILE PICTURE" click on "Choose File, navigate to your picture and choose, then click on "UPDATE".