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"Thank you Mrs. Kraybill, I have said it many times before that I'm very thankful for attending BA. If I didn't, then my life would have certainly taken an entirely different trajectory and probably not a better one. Thanks to you, Mrs. Landis, Mr. Bulkwalter and others for strengthening my love of writing. Thanks to Mr. Kraybill for showing me a work ethic without even trying. His woodworking class planted the seed and I was able to make my own coffee table and bookshelf, etc. many years after that class. His physics and Chemistry classes encouraged me to have interest in the sciences. I know all BA alumni agree with me when I express our appreciation for you to have left your life in America to come to such a far away land so different from yours. In a big part, we are the results of that. I will write again about my bike ride to the larger audience. Cheers, Daniel T"